Our Story
Evolvd Health is a concept that men and women can regain their strength, power, and passion for
life through investing in a healthier, fit and optimal version of themselves, while living a life full of
compassion, ambition and fulfillment.
We started in late 2019 because we realized that the conventional healthcare system was broken and ripe for
disruption.The conception of Evolvd Health began with years of frustration, as a physician with treating patients with chronic
diseases and from the witnessing of a failed conventional medicine model. With escalating costs and an actual decline in real
health of patients, it was becoming increasingly clear, that the biomedical model has its limited usefulness. A more holistic
multidisciplinary whole-body approach that focuses on the root cause of diseases needed to become the new primary
care model. That's why we decided to build Evolvd Health to provide this new patient-centered healthcare model.
Company founders
Innocent Clement
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Innocent Clement is the former CEO and Co-Founder of Kaia health Inc a digital therapeutic company, He led the Kaia Health initiatives here in the US, partnerships, clinical trials, regulatory submissions and expansion across North America. Innocent is a trained physician from both Columbia and Harvard University.
In his role as the CEO at EVOLVD Health, Innocent plans to harness the core competencies of the team members to ensure optimal deployments of their skills to ensure effective and fast execution as he design, implement, and optimize business operations to support the company’s overarching goals.
Bradley Aubry
PhD candidate MPsy CFMP
Founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer
Bradley Aubry is a former professional athlete and wellness advocator. Bradley holds degrees in Health Psychology, Behavioral Medicine, and Nutrition Science. He also holds several health & fitness-related professional certifications ranging from fitness therapy to functional medicine. With a resilient passion for fitness, nutrition and human optimization, Bradley’s tireless commitment to the research and development naturally evolved into the inception of EVOLVD Health.
As EVOLVD Health’s Founder, Bradley’s personal mission statement is simple, it’s to shine light and awaken awareness on a culture in need of embracing a proactive approach around health and preventative self-care. His goal is to innovate a digital health platform that promotes an evolutionary approach to caring for the client’s well-being and health evolution.